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The Ultimate “Single-&-Loving-It” Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate “Single-&-Loving-It” Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


The Ultimate “Single-&-Loving-It” Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

by KEFWHAT?! Team

A week ago

The Ultimate “Single-&-Loving-It” Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Times have changed – in recent years, Valentine’s Day has become an over-commercialized ploy to get couples to fork out more money than necessary. Matching T-shirts, his & hers watches, overpriced dinner sets, clichéd bouquets that cost more than a small car – you name it, some establishment has definitely done it in the name of “love”.

This year, take matters into your own hands and turn the tables around. It’s perfectly okay to be happily single (even though at some point, some nosy relative is inevitably going to ask, “When’s your turn to get married?”). If that happens, just take a step back, put on some noise-cancelling headphones (see below!), and let the music take over.

May we present: our Valentine’s Day gift guide for singles who’re living their best life without caring about what others think. Gift it to someone dear, treat yourself to a reward – heck, just celebrate life like the star that you are.

1. Add pizzaz to any outfit with a subtle but stylish bracelet

Imagine the knotted bracelets of our childhood, but with a whole lot of swag. The heavy-duty enamel hardware in matching colours makes this a sleek piece that goes well with any outfit, dressed up or down. Rastaclat’s motto, “seek the positive”, resonates strongly with us: in a world where we gradually lose hope, it’s always nice to find the good in someone or something.

Rastaclat Forest Men’s Knotted Bracelet, $15.99


2. Keep bad vibes (and bad smells) away with an artisan candle

The difference between a house and a home is that a house could belong to anyone, but a home is truly yours to claim. And one of the surefire ways to spread good vibes in your living space is to find a designer home fragrance that speaks volumes about your personality. This one here is a blend of incense, patchouli and pine needles, housed in a sexy glass column. Light it up, breathe deep, and enjoy your own company.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Crepusculum Glass Candle, $220


3. Drown out the sound of busybodies with noise-cancelling headphones

Elegantly discreet and ultra-stylish, the KEF Space One Wireless is a sweet pair of headphones with the brand’s specially-tuned Active Noise Cancellation technology, ideal for keeping your sounds to yourself, and also for drowning out the onslaught of incessant, irrelevant questioning during this time of the year. The Bluetooth function lets you pick up calls with the push of a button, and the lasting battery life supports up to 30 hours of music.

KEF Porsche Design Space One Wireless Headphones, $400


4. Go a little further with these sweet yet functional dadcore sneakers

Dadcore fashion is no joke: with even the high-end brands scrambling to stay on top of the trend, it looks like chunky sneakers are here to stay. For the self-respecting shoe over, nothing speaks ‘style’ more than a piece from Maison Margiela. Accentuated with unconventional foam patches and intentional distressed scuffing, only the house of Margiela could make something unfinished look so extravagant.

Maison Margiela Retro Fit Deconstructed Leather Trainers, $729

5. Impress friends with a snazzy sparking water maker at home

For the BFF with the seltzer-guzzling habit, it’s about time she made the switch to a more sustainable option, rather than stocking up on cans of La Croix. This black beauty will surely jazz up that brand-new marble countertop, where you can now sip fizzy cocktails at 4pm (home-made, but of course!) and gear up to celebrate a non-Valentine with your closest single-loving squad. Pizza optional. 

Aarke Carbonator II in Matte Black, $199

6. Live at your own pace but still be on time with an anti-clockwise watch

All of us know one special guy, the intentional rebel, the hater of all things commercialized. Let this anti-clockwise watch be his little secret, which is a constant reminder that you can actually give the world a big finger and yet, be ultra-discreet in doing so. Nobody will even notice. Comes with the option of custom engraving on the back too. 

MEM Anomaly Adam Ultramarine, £95

7. Pay homage to a very important person with a giant personalized wine glass

Special people need special gifts like these, especially if said special person is a huge fan of the fermented nectar bestowed upon mankind from grapes. This monstrosity of a wine glass actually holds an entire bottle of 750ml wine, and can be engraved with the receiver’s name, taking personalization to the next level indeed. Just following the doctor’s orders of having a glass of wine a day here – no big deal.

Rhone Valley Custom XL Giant Wine Glass, $27.95

8. Tell ‘em how it really feels with a statement makeup clutch

Love is not everything; makeup is. Feeling like a million bucks and loving what you look like is. Treat your homegirl to this completely self-explanatory, tongue-in-cheek clutch. As Breakups to Makeup founder Angelique Velez puts it, “Going through difficult times in my own life (ahem, a breakup), makeup literally saved me and served as an outlet to devote my time and energy.” Plus, the bag gets bonus points for being vegan and cruelty-free.

Breakups to Makeup Commit Makeup Clutch, $28


9. Remind yourself how wonderful you are with a self-love card

Let’s face it; we have our bad days too, no matter how tough we make ourselves out to be. And there’s no-one better to tell you how important you are than yourself. Write a Valentine’s Day card to yourself, and don’t be stingy with the praise. Remind yourself why you are loved, and remember: it’s okay to wallow in self-pity for an hour and bounce back stronger than ever before. All together now: “I LOVE ME!”

Chrissy Teigen “All Of Me” Card, $4.50

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