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Good to go: Pack like a pro for your holidays

Good to go: Pack like a pro for your holidays

by KEFWHAT?! Team

3 months ago


Good to go: Pack like a pro for your holidays

by KEFWHAT?! Team

3 months ago

Good to go: Pack like a pro for your holidays

So you’re leaving on a jet plane?

Packing for a holiday can be a stressful affair because nobody likes stressing over what to bring. Between making painless travel arrangements and settling a certain amount of work before a holiday, packing is always put off till the last possible minute. Most of the time when that happens, you’d realised that you may have forgot to pack a charger. We’ve all been there.

Here are some tips you can follow to make packing a painless task for the next time you decide to go on a break. Yes, you deserve it.

Always on time

Start packing at least two days before a trip. Take the time to begin identifying what you need for your holiday. Then set whatever you feel that is important close to your bag pack or suitcase. You can also make a note for the list of items you need and save it into your mobile phone.

The list could include things like your charger, medication, skincare products, travel pillow or items that you need to bring for a loved one at your destination.

Ticket to ride

Your travel essentials should always be your passport, travel documents like plane tickets or hotel information and money. No underwear? No problem. So always remember to pack the essentials first because you can’t go far without them.

Keep your important documents in a separate folder and put it into your bag pack, handbag or whatever you’re going to carry with your body throughout the journey.

No matter what happens between your house and the airport or bus station, don’t take it out from your bag. Just don’t. Because you don’t want to be that person who arrives at the airport only to realise that you have left your travel essentials on the kitchen table at home.

Walking on sunshine

When it comes to clothes, think comfort and how will it fare in the weather of where you’re going. You can start with choosing your favourite pair of jeans and a comfortable pair of shoes to use throughout the trip. Next, think of how long you will be at this destination. Three days? So maybe two pairs of clothing for each day. Same goes with undergarments. Though I like to think that you can’t have too many underwear.

Save one lazy (code: comfortable) outfit for when you’re leaving... If you like to have more room in your luggage space, then remember to pack clothes that are easy to wash and quick to dry. So you can hang in the hotel room and just put it on for another day.

I like to move it

Now before you decide on a suitcase or a bag pack, as yourself… did I pay for check-in luggage? If you did or it already comes with your travel ticket, then congratulations as you don’t have to worry too much about packing lightly. But bear in mind that you have a luggage limit.

Now if you decided to save and not pay for check-in luggage, it’s okay because who doesn’t like having some extra money for other stuff.

It also doesn’t matter what you travel with, just maximise your space. If you feel like loading up your bag with souvenirs from your destination, then think about packing light for more room in your luggage space. Instead of folding your clothes, you can easily roll them up as it will give you more space. You can also consider rolling your socks into bunches and putting them in the shoes that you’re packing for the trip.

Liquid dreams

Be aware of airport regulations on the amount of liquid you can have in your carry on. If it’s more than the allowed amount, then put it away into your check in luggage. You don’t want to experience the heartbreak of watching an airport security person throw away a full-size bottle of alcohol or facial serum just before you make your way to the immigration counter.

If you’re going to pack skincare items or anything for hygiene purposes for your holiday, then start thinking about investing in a good set of travel size bottles. A few days before your trip, pour whatever you need into these handy bottles and remember to put into your luggage.

Better yet, start saving those skincare, makeup or shampoo samples you’d get from your shopping trips. Those are easy and convenient-sized items that will do wonders for your trip. Store all the travel-sized items into a ziplock bag or a nice pouch to help keep your luggage organised.

Thank you for the music

Chances are you’d get bored while waiting to reach your destination. Whether it’s a two-hour bus ride, someone’s driving or a 14-hour plane journey, you are most likely going to feel restless with the travelling time. So keep yourself entertained with your favourite apps on the phone or mobile device.

A few days before your trip, spend some time to download content like movies, music, podcast, e-books or games into your device. Make sure you are able to access these content when you’re offline. That way, when you don’t have access to WiFi or don’t want to end up blowing up your phone bill for roaming data, then you can rely on your downloaded content to keep yourself entertained. Yeah, you’re welcome.

Listen to your heart

And invest in a good pair of earphones or headphones. There is no point having a nicely-thought out amount of downloaded content on your phone if you can’t hear them. You’d love yourself for having a good pair of listening device to go with your choice of entertainment.

Consider the sleek long-lasting KEF Space One Wireless headphones. You don’t have to worry about untangling wires because it’s Bluetooth-enabled that easily connects with your mobile device.

Then there’s the satisfying immersive listening experience that comes from amazing sound quality. Oh, did we mention it comes with noise-cancellation technology?

Now if you really want a holiday for the mind, body and soul, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Image: C.L / KEFWhat



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